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The proposed amendments to the Renaissance Neighborhood Association Bylaws passed by a vote of 35 to 1 at Tuesday night’s general meeting. Thanks to all who showed up and voted on this. The changes to dues (a $5 increase in each membership category) and to the terms of Board officers (from 1 year to 2 years) will not go into effect until 2024. Big thanks to Board members Tamra Moore (who chaired this committee), Arena de Foddis and Mark Ogan, who did the work on updating these bylaws in response to resident requests.


The complete bylaws can be found on this page or downloaded as a PDF.


Tell the world how proud you are of your neighborhood!


Get your Renaissance logo swag today!


A large selection of items are available including shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, tote bags, stickers and more. Choose your shirt style from among male, female and child sizes. Various colors are available. A portion of the sale price goes to support RNA. Logo designed by long-time resident Randy Stalcup.


NOTE: Sizes run small. Be sure to check the size chart for measurements.


You may have noticed that most midtown neighborhoods have entry signs with their neighborhood’s logo proudly displayed at the back of each stop sign around the perimeter. We were missing about half of the signs we needed to cover each entry. From old RNA documents, it seems that the original placement of signs in the 1990s did not include enough to cover every entry point. The exact reason is unknown but probably had to do with the cost of buying so many signs.


The City of Tulsa requires these signs to conform to their specifications. One specification requires the signs to be made of solid aluminum of a certain thickness. Prices for aluminum have increased the last few years especially. The total cost for enough signs to cover each entry was originally too expensive for RNA’s treasury funds. RNA asked residents to donate extra funds and we raised enough to help cover the cost without cleaning out RNA’s treasury. Thank you to all residents who paid dues and/or contributed extra money! The new signs were promptly installed by the City’s Traffic Operations department on July 7, 2020.


The RNA logo was designed by long-time resident Randy Stalcup. His design won a contest RNA ran in the 1990s and his prize was a whopping $25! His design has endured the years to become a highly recognizable symbol for the Renaissance neighborhood.


Alert Neighbors is a free program provided by Tulsa Crimestoppers to engage neighborhoods in discussions about crime and public safety. The program instills effective collaboration and communication among neighbors to prevent crime increase a sense of security.


For the program to be most effective, each block in the neighborhood needs a volunteer block captain to receive training and coordinate a list of residents on their block to share contact information enabling residents know how to contact their direct neighbors in case they see criminal activity in progress.


​To become a block captain or for more information contact our resident coordinator, Harold (Skip) Morgan.


We not only have the best neighborhood in midtown, we also have our own micro-brewery! The Renaissance Brewing Company at 12th and Lewis has a tap room open to the public as of January 2018. It is owned by Glenn Hall, a long-time RNA board member. He worked with architect Tom Neal, also a long-time board member, to ensure the design of the building fit in with the historic aesthetics of our area.


Since the Campbell Hotel ended its “Second Friday” event a while ago, the brewery has stepped up to take its place!


Second Friday is an social event to give our neighbors a place to meet and get to know each other. It’s scheduled for the second Friday of each month. It starts at 4pm and goes until 7pm. Come when you want, stay as long as you want!


Be sure to follow the brewery on Facebook.